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Sorry people, this blogger has been busy with Holiday busyness and there will be no posts until this week-end. Stay tuned!


Mistletoe Madness

Culture post!

Uh, there’s no other good term for the phenomenon known as the holidays in the dating world, especially in DC. It’s a time when people tend to circulate a lot through party after party from Halloween through New Year’s Eve, so starting a new relationship is almost impossible. There’s a tendency among singles for people to circulate and meet people but as one person described it, “you should have no expectation of starting a relationship until after New Year’s.”

And that’s about right. At the same time, there is a sort of Mistletoe Madness (a desperation) among single people to be with someone under the mistletoe so things can get downright weird. This blogger has no idea if it works this way in other cities, but it does happen in DC – every year without fail. Kudos to the people in relationships before the season hits. The upside is that people do tend to meet a lot of others with potential, it’s just that potential is on hold until after New Year’s Eve.

The only seasonal phenomenon which is worse is intern season in the Summer. This is the time of year when all the young, pretty and naive interns with money come into town as well as new hires to work on Capitol Hill and the older men swoop in to take advantage, not that some women don’t operate in the same although slightly reversed manner. After watching this seasonal hunt for a decade, one can get a little jaded. In fact, this blogger isn’t sure half of the problem with the DC scene is that many people never outgrow those set of standards to have real relationships. Because  real relationship means dealing with a person who doesn’t always have a good job, might be losing their hair or worse.

Um, this blogger will happily take Mistletoe Madness at least it has a season that truly ends. Heh. Consider this a public service announcement, er something.

On a brighter note:

The holidays are a great time to volunteer! AFAC needs lots of help during the holidays, they are in need now more than ever! That is the Arlington Food Assistance Center if you can donate food or spend time bagging up groceries – they need the help! Click Here.

But there are plenty of needy charities in the area.


Saturday Summary

It’s that time before Christmas in the middle of December, when the holiday rush has hit with shopping and parties. All other major holidays for Winter happen around this time as well and it’s a busy season. Unless of course you got all your shopping done in advance.

The Torture Report

It was the week when the CIA torture report came out. Ugh, that’s not fun during this season. Click Here. It always seems like this topic of torture related to terrorism and gathering information has gone on for the last 10 years or more always goes in the same circle with no resolution.

And everyone has an opinion, except for this blogger.

Spending Bill

The U.S. Senate postponed a vote on the spending bill this week. Hmmm, if they postpone it long enough then the next and new U.S. Senate run by Republicans will be voting on it.  Is that even possible? LOL. Hmmmm. Click Here.

Scott Walker

This week someone from Scott Walker’s camp sent out what was supposed to be a nice Hanukkah message, but the title said Molotov! Instead of Mazel Tov! Uh, either someone was trying to do the guy in from the outside, or somebody is not very careful. Click Here.

Poor Ariana Grande

She got smacked by the wings of a Victoria’s Secret model during her performance for the show. Click Here.

The cameras managed to avoid that part of the performance and focus on the models. But there’s just something too hilarious about some poor woman being run over by a stampede of models with wings. It wasn’t that bad, but she did get whacked which resulted in this picture.

Victoria's Secret Show

That’s just too funny because it’s so easy to relate to – and it’s the only reason this blogger bothered to even see part of the show. Ha!

Have a good week-end!





Is There a Name for that Disorder?

Just out of curiosity, but this blogger has noticed a particular disorder, maybe it’s a personality disorder, a behavioral disorder or a psychiatric disorder. But it’s a definite disorder in some people. Unfortunately, it seems to have plagued a fair number of people in Washington, DC. Ever met someone who couldn’t stop making up stories about other people? I mean, no matter what they were just inventing lie after lie after lie about another person, or many people – even when they are corrected or disproven – they just can’t stop talking? It’s like they’ve got a problem with pathological lying, but it’s more like pathological making up lies about other people.

It’s worth noting, because the fact that a fair number of people have this problem (meaning more than one) and love to watch how stupid other people act when they believe their stories. By the way, this is why it’s terrible to believe gossip. Of course, you can always consider the source, some sources provide good information but the reasoning, motivation and the logic behind someone’s stories is always good to consider. But quite literally, this blogger has seen guys lose opportunities with women because they believed crazy rumors and the opposite. But that is just one example of how listening to crazy stories can get a person in trouble.

Still, what’s the diagnosis for the trash talker?

Are they paranoid? Are they jealous? There’s no name in the DSM for someone with a “pathological inventing stories about people habit”, the street term is idiotic loser, crazypants or weirdo.


Holidays in Full Swing

By now you’ve probably found the holiday season of events is in full swing between. This time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one full of awe,  beauty, tackiness and humor.

Marriott Christmas Tree - Olivia's version


It can be a somber time of year though –

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 2014 was the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This tragic remains event firmly embedded in people’s minds not just because it brought the U.S. into World War II, but because it was so harrowing for those who survived. Click Here.

More than a dozen Pearl Harbor survivors, each more than 90 years old, gathered in Hawaii this week to share stories as they marked the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese attack that killed 2,400 sailors, Marines and soldiers.

The gathering has been called the last meeting for the USS Arizona Reunion Association – comprised of the remaining nine survivors of the USS Arizona, a battleship that sank in the Dec. 7, 1941, attack.

Ugly Sweater Parties

This coming Friday is National Ugly Sweater party today. We all really need an ugly sweater party, ’tis the season for some levity. If you can’t find joy as easily, an ugly sweater party will do the trick. Just get out a tacky sweater or shirt and get rolling with your friends. Or you can meet new people, the sweaters actually act as a mixer device in social situations.

Tacky Sweater Party - CroppedThat guys shirt says “Take Me Gnome Tonight By The Way.”

Holiday Music

While most and or a lot of holiday music can be a bit sad either because of the message or the unintended bitterness (Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer), some of it can be pretty. For instance this version of “Silent Night.” Click Here. 

Although this blogger has always enjoyed the Mariah Carey classic – “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Click Here.

Speaking of Mariah Carey

The singer got into some hot water this week when fans were mad at her for not hitting her trademark high notes in a recent performance of her now a Christmas tradition song.

Click Here.

It is worth noting that she is getting divorced and maybe stressed. It’s not really an excuse, but it is her reason in this season for those vocals. Heh.


It’s actually a time of yeah when people feel their losses or the things in their life that are not optimal more fully. This feeling in turn leads to more destructive behavior or just overall grumpiness. Click Here.

May The Force Be With You

Which is why this blogger prefers humor.

Click on this Post

Be safe this season!


Peppermint Mocha Season

Culture Post!

You would think with the excitement over Pumpkin Spice Latte in the Fall, that the Peppermint Mocha would receive as much excitement in the Winter/Holiday season. Let’s face it, after Thanksgiving, it’s time for things to get minty so to speak.

But the coffee flavor has never received as much adoration as the Pumpkin Spice Latte. For starters, peppermint is associated with quite as many wonderful things whereas, pumpkin makes people think of a million different dishes, Jack-O’Lanterns, Halloween, Thanksgiving and harvest time. Peppermint and mint is associated with the Winter/Christmas celebration which is fun but it’s not quite as extensive.

Then again, an awful lot of people hate pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkins. Where is the Peppermint Mocha movement?


Hold On A Second

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Republican staffer who lost her job for mouthing off about the President’s daughters on Facebook over the Thanksgiving holiday. And this blogger had to stop and pause on that reality, because it’s pretty common for Americans on either side of the aisle or no party at all to insult politicians in social media or even attack their families. AND THEN this blogger realized it was Elizabeth Lauten who was caught mouthing off.

Everyone can stop the righteous indignation on her behalf. Click Here.  It’s not that this blogger wants to be mean, but there are some things that people should know, first off, she is in trouble because of her history in the GOP. PERIOD. Oh, you know what they say, what goes around comes around and then it goes around for awhile. Because that woman has been causing havoc in the metro area for the GOP for about 4 years.

It isn’t just that she was arrested for larceny in High School. This is the woman who was pushed out of the Alexandria YRs as chair (a volunteer position) for falsifying social media among other problems. She was once the Virginia National Committeewoman for YRs – she was forced to resign from that position.

She used to work for another Congressman on the hill, and she was asked to resign from his office or be fired for bad behavior. Miz Lauten earned the nickname “loose cannon” from other staffers on the hill for good reason among the GOP and this blogger has to guess the office that hired her didn’t know better. Additionally, she was once employed at the RNC and she was let go, resigned leaving a wake of staffers in her department behind who were so happy she was gone they went out and bought champagne or so the story goes. That was under a different RNC Chairman, it wasn’t very nice of them, but that is what happened.

For two years, this blogger listened to a friend in the GOP complain about this woman because she kept lying on her blog, in jobs and other places. So, when you tell me that this woman is the one who got in trouble for making rude comments it’s no surprise. She got in trouble because of her nature and all the enemies she has made.

This blogger checked out the GOP social media, people really aren’t generally defending her except for those who really just have  a knee jerk reaction to Obama. The fact of the matter is that beating up on two teenage girls who were obviously feeling awkward that were actually dressed in outfits straight out of the closet of the character “Cher” in “Clueless” while the country is in the middle of a rage over 1990’s fashion (see J. Crew or Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” video) is weird. There are more important issues.

It made me not just question Lauten’s judgement which everyone knows is bad, but her sense of fashion as well. Because everyone is doing the 1990’s “Clueless” look all over again.

Even this blogger did it for Halloween. Ignore the weird Halloween make up, but there you see it below, this blogger wore it to a 1990’s party about a month ago – “Clueless” all the way. And J. Crew is selling stuff like this for people to buy, or 21 Forever, or anywhere one might shop for fashions aimed at the under 40 crowd.

Mixed Patterns



The point of the matter is that Lauten got in trouble because of how she has handled her career. Not trying to be mean, it’s just someone should really have told her by now. And maybe this event is a good lesson for other people in town.



Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Time to make a gratitude list, what are you grateful for this year, despite your circumstances?

-Check out this list of recipes by state.  A list of favorite recipes most Googled in each state was put together by The New York Times. It’s worth it.

-There really is no great movie for the Thanksgiving, you can jump the gun and start Christmas movies, you can watch a James Bond marathon Ooooh La La, or you can watch “Home For The Holidays.” It’s the only movie that this blogger can think of which actually sums up what Thanksgiving is like for many people.


Passive Aggressive Vaguebooking Wives




Oh D.C.

Life in DC is interesting, nevermind all the interesting overpriced things to do with your money or the free things. The town has a culture that is one part Southern, one part big city and one part political.

It’s the political culture that gets me or used to anyways. In political campaigns there is a tendency to spread rumors and for people to be competitive. Ironically it breeds a culture in town of interest in gossip, no rumor is too wild or too strange to be shared. The funny part is if you stay in town long enough you start to realize the rumors really don’t matter, because in politics and in town there are just too many rumor/made up stories/gossip for any of them to matter. But the gossip is funny, stay around long enough and you might start to laugh at the rumors people come up with – about you.

Now if you want to go nuts, pay attention to them. And then you might just go crazy. Additionally, it’s a terrible idea to judge someone by the word on the street, or by asking other people, it’s better to ask someone in person or directly about an issue if you want to know something about them. But that’s just common sense.


Oh Thanksgiving

It’s always strange to consider the holiday of Thanksgiving and especially if you receive bad news before it. This blogger still remembers back in 2009 when a family friend who was gay, had HIV and other problems decided the week before the holiday was the perfect time to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. It changed my perspective on a number of social issues which ultimately got me in trouble with a fair number of people in the Republican party.

Ironically, it also caused me to make a lot of friends in the party too. What can you say, some experiences just change one’s view of the world as well as people and you just can’t go back. Life is just a series of events which create an appreciation of gratitude or insanity.

There are good times and bad times but that is one Thanksgiving, this blogger is happy not to repeat.

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