Constitution Day

Yes there is actually a day to celebrate our nation’s most important document besides the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution), which is the Constitution itself.

You can even take a quiz to find out which amendment you would be to the constitution if you were, uh, an amendment. Haha, instead of a quiz to find out which one you would be – you can take it here.

Also The Washington Times has produced a pocket constitution app for your tablet or smartphone. Click Here.

The celebration goes for a week according to those in the DAR society.

Additionally, a national group that loves the constitution and the amendments made this cute little picture.
Ryan Gosling Amendments

That’s all.


Friday Fry Up

It’s the Friday Fry Up. Have a great week-end.

So this week –

Limited War in Iraq with ISIL/ISIS, it’s official. Nope nothing else to say.

For 9/11
The anniversary of 9/11 was this week. And for that you get footage of an Eagle playing with a garden sprinkler. Because Freedom. Click Here.

Scotland is thinking about independence from England – and businesses are thinking about leaving – doesn’t make sense at this time.

Of all the websites and news outlets that have covered the incident with football player Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens knowledge of the graphic footage with his wife, in addition to the question of what the NFL knew – Deadspin seems to have the best after of course TMZ for releasing the footage.

For example, Deadspin followed the interview with former NFL executive Bill Polian. The interview in two segments shows widely varying accounts of how the NFL works from Polian, but it shows that the NFL has some culpability in the Rice situation.

Click Here for the interview.

Forget Online Dating – Women

It’s official, OkCupid has discovered that men prefer women who are around age 22 no matter their age while women generally prefer men closer to their age. Click Here.

One look at the data and as a woman, you won’t bother again.

That’s all, have a good week-end!



If you were out walking in Arlington this evening between 5-6 pm you might have seen two beautiful streams of light coming down from a small break in the clouds. The two beams could not help by remind anyone who saw them of the two buildings in New York which were struck on this date in 2001.

Today if you saw the 9/11 memorial in New York you would see a beautiful reminder of all those who passed away on a fateful day that cannot be forgotten. The 9/11 attack is often thought of as an attack on the U.S. and in a way it was, but the World Trade Center housed people from all over the world that day as they met for business or to perform work. Those attacks were on the modern world and way of life.

That morning, I woke up to feel sheer terror on a personal level because my parents were scheduled to fly out of New York to Italy. When I heard the news from a floor mate in the section of my dorm at college, I completely panicked and went to the cafe/center of student life at my college. Then I stared with my best friend in horror at the buildings falling on TV, I quickly told a friend that I had no idea what kind of airplane my parents were on or what time they were supposed to fly out of New York.

By the time I got my mother on the phone to find out that my parents were ok and that their flight had been cancelled – so they never went to New York – I learned that the third airplane had gone down near where they lived in Shanksville, PA. We only got to talk for about 5 minutes before my dorm was evacuated because some prankster had called in a bomb threat to the school and since it had only been an hour or so since the attacks, the school’s administration had to take it seriously – the entire campus had to be evacuated. All bets were off that day because no one understood what had happened at first.

And so this blogger spent most of 9/11 with her polish roommate wandering around Decorah, IA hanging out with the other college students. First we went to McDonald’s and then to Wal-mart and then finally to my sorority’s house to watch TV.

Finally, we made out way to a friend’s off campus house to watch the telethon in the evening, by then, even if the students could be on campus, we didn’t want to be anymore. Most of us wanted to be huddled with framily that evening, to absorb what had happened.

In the weeks that followed our school brought Cornell West in to speak to the students, this blogger can’t say she ever agreed with his political ideas, but Mr. West summarized the way we felt about 9/11 very well. He knew just how to describe the feelings we were left with after that day.

Al Qaeda was very successful in making their presence known, they succeeded in ruining that happy sense of safety most Americans had relished by living in a country that is surrounded by water and two mild countries. That was the point, hurt the free modern world and ruin those Americans happiness. And today according to polls 50 percent of Americans feel less safe, we know now what can happen that we are not in a cocoon. But America adjusted to a new normal, no one can destroy the spirit of the U.S.A. and what we stand for as we are alive.

To this day, this blogger still enjoys the song which was dedicated to the 9/11 families and victims. One year later Rudy Giuliani introduced Sheryl Crow’s performance of this song at the VMAs:


The Rules of the Road

Every so often this blogger puts together a series of tips of things that one should avoid doing, for younger people starting out in town, or just people. Period. LOL. Of course all of these tips are probably worthwhile for people living in other big cities as well.

1.) When you are networking, do not hand out your business card until someone asks what you do (want to do) or asks you for one. And of course you can always give a card to a new friend.

2.) Do not stalk someone that you think has good contacts or can help you, nothing will turn an older person or even a person your own age off faster than staring at them, trying to talk to all their friends in a creepy manner and following them around i.e. stalking them for a job. If you’ve made contact and they know you are looking, leave it at that – otherwise you will essentially sabotage all opportunities with them.

3.) No one will ever care about you as much as your parents or the people who raised you. Too many people get confused and think everyone who is giving them directions is some parental unit whether that person is the same age as them, older or way older. The world does not care about your desire to live out your teenage rebellion well after your teen years. You are not only replaceable, but the rest of the adult world doesn’t have time for it.

4.) Do not just walk into an office on the hill and hand them your resume, if you want a hill job you are going to have to network for it and make contacts in the office(s) to give your resume(s) to in order to land a job. They’ll just throw your resume away UNLESS you are from the district and tell them that when you drop off your resume and you just want an internship.

5.) When you’re wrong, especially on the job, you’re wrong-you’re wrong-you’re wrong-you’re wrong – nothing will get you into trouble faster, burn bridges quicker than not being able to accept when you are wrong on a job, in a business relationship or friendship. Saying “you’re sorry” and moving on fast is the best route. Don’t waste time gossiping because you hate being wrong, inventing stupid stories to get revenge, planning revenge or complaining whether it’s about a boss, an employee or former friend/flame. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And you will get a bad reputation for not being able to accept it.

6.) Nothing ruins a job, a friendship, relationship or team faster than jealousy. Don’t be jealous of someone for being pretty, smart, well liked, fun, good at organization, etc. Everyone has problems and everyone has gifts too. It is dangerous to your career and well being to let jealousy run your life. Instead, you need to work on your life and make a gratitude list. Also, no one enjoys being around a cranky jealous person. They may not tell you to your face, but trust, no one likes it.

7.) Gossip, if you gossip about your employees, friends, bosses destructively and constantly you will lose  your job/friends/support/something, etc. D.C is very karmic, it’s a town that encourages people to gossip and then punishes them sorely for it. Just because you got away with gossiping today doesn’t mean you won’t have trouble tomorrow or worse, next year when you least expect it. Don’t run your mouth just because you feel insecure. Choose your words carefully and with thought.

8.) Be neat. You would think this is obvious, but it’s important to keep your clothes and hair cleaned up when networking for work, unless you are going to work in a punk rock store.

9.) Don’t yell or throw fits, you would think this is obvious too, but a lot of people think it’s ok to yell at work especially at underlings, nope.

10.) Be gracious. Let things go. Life is for the living.


Well That Spun Out of Control

If you haven’t already heard about the footage of Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice, hitting his then fiance Janay Rice. The footage is from February – months ago. And has already resulted in Rice being cut and suspended from the Ravens. Worse though is the fact that the NFL was aware of the issue and the Ravens knew about the footage four months ago – but the team’s management failed, yes failed to manage the issue.

Fact of the matter is a man who hits a woman like that shown in the footage, in a public place has done it before, and worse has probably injured others along the way.  Futhermore (and) this is the sticky wicket, he’s probably scared some men into being quiet about his bad behavior – that and pure greed has stopped this issue from being taken by the horns so to speak and managed. He should have been off the team as soon as the management was aware of the problem or any problem of this nature. It was a gross matter of negligence that he stayed on the team this long.

What is really gross is the way some of the people involved and fans have reacted to the matter online and in the media. Click Here. It’s really sad that in 2014, fans are blaming Janay for Ray Rice’s behavior. Whatever happened to keeping one’s side of the street clean? The man knocked a woman out cold for heaven’s sake.

Also, one guess based on the press conference is that Janay Rice is frightened into standing by her man at this point. OR she has Stockholm Syndrome.

Whatever, the case with such hard tangible evidence of Rice’s abuse, it is impossible to believe no one higher up in the NFL beyond the Ravens knew about the incident. Click Here. 

Some major names in the Football world have taken to commenting on the issue and expressing disbelief:

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and Adam Schefter were highly critical of Rice and the NFL after TMZ posted video of the February incident that showed Rice knocking out his then-fiancee. Rice, who entered a pretrial program and is undergoing counseling, was suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell in July, but the two-game punishment drew enormous criticism because of the league’s inconsistent guidelines for punishment.



For more on that story, click here. 

Oh the internet, it really is the great equalizer.


Friday Fry – Up

The Friday Fry Up. It’s the end of the week and this is the fry up.


After the beheading of another American journalist Steven Sotloff  this week- uh, everyone likes discussing what they would do IF they were president? Discuss.

What Remains

Former Governor Bob McDonnell was convicted on 11 counts of corruption on Thursday this week. His wife was convicted on 8 counts. It  was a very gripping tale, the story of a well liked Governor and former Redskins cheerleader wife who appeared to have a great marriage and then all of that crumbled in a courtroom. And people believed they had a good marriage based on public appearances, that’s the strange part. The end of their marriage is about as shocking to the public as if  couple in a friend circle had divorced. Of course, this effect is incorrect, since all anyone knew about was the public facade.  Lifetime movie material!

Their sentencing date is in January. The Washington Post has the details. 

Some things remain, he was still a great governor by all appearances.  He was a strong leader during a tough economic time and then for some of us there was his time stumping with Mitt Romney in the state. This blogger still remembers his speeches for Romney right around election day 2012. There were some really fun rallys and media events. It was rather grand in retrospect and that makes recent events all the more dramatic.

Also, this blogger knows you all are just grateful not to be them. You know you are!

Joan Rivers

In a twist of weirdness around the DC area the news about Joan Rivers was announced at the same time as the news about the McDonnells. She was a great comedian and pioneer for women. Most people don’t remember anymore but she was the first major female comedian to get  really down and dirty.

Click Here. 

Hilarious Exit Email

Every 4-5 years some staffer will leave the Hill in a glorious rage or some couple on the Hill will break up in a glorious rage. Anyone remember the guy who wrote nasty letters to his ex back in 2003? They were both interns? One of them had worked for McCain’s office and the letter got sent everywhere and into the media finally.

Well, someone has sent a nasty “I’m quitting” email and it got released to the media. Only this person, Ok’d the release for others amusement. You can read it here. 

And people always ask why I’m not on the Hill. To be fair, this blogger would happily work for certain members. But the key phrase is “certain” as in select. The Hill is a very stressful place and the expectations are not always fair.

A Guide to DC Etiquette

This article really lays out the terms for etiquette in DC on everything from asking people about where they live, to marijuana, to the gym, to the metro and on parenting plus more. It’s unfortunately true that the city needs a primer on how to behave and this article really hits the mark.

Examine the section on asking people about where they live:

Forget asking someone their occupation. No question is more freighted with judgment in the District than asking where someone lives. Somehow this one query combines evaluation of your income, bravery, and cultural taste. For millennials, a tony District address can even raise questions about parental rent help.

You wouldn’t ask someone how much they make, but a question about where you live and a significant glance can do that just as easily.

When I lived in Fairfax County, one aspiring boho Washingtonian who visited said he could never live so far out, as his people were the junkies and the hobos. (He lived on H Street NE, so make of that what you will.) It’s time to hang this question up—or at least the weight attached to it. Not everyone who lives in Silver Spring is a would-be suburbanite, just as not everyone in Clarendon is a day-drunk in Chubbies. —Will Sommer

Click Here to read the whole article. 

It’s Almost Fall – But It’s Definitely Pumpkin Season

It has occurred to this blogger at times that not everyone might enjoy the pumpkin phase – not Fall, but the phase of the year when everything is about cute pumpkins. However, Buzzfeed has created a list explaining who likes the pumpkin phase and what is so wonderful.

Click Here. 

To Blog or Not To Blog 

People often ponder why does this blogger still blog? If she is not doing journalism anymore? EASY. All marketing and communications people should have blogs that are well read. Silly.

Have a good week-end!




Apparently it’s a hot – debatable topic once again -er is it? Part of the Republican party is adamantly against intervention, some would call them isolationists -but there is a land in between.

Isolationism – (which the party was big on in the 1930′s) is the idea that a country can completely ignore the affairs of the rest of the world. That is actually impossible today with the integrated nature of world politics.

Intervention – the idea that a country, the U.S. should intervene in other countries problems through military action (primarily although there are other means) to the benefit of the rest of the world and the U.S. economically -

You’ve probably heard the term “America World Police”? The thing is, the U.S. has been engaged in a policy of intervention which once meant simply the military involvement of the U.S. outside out borders in a variety of countries. Ever since the U.S. got into World War I, which was impossible to ignore and then World War II which was completely impossible to ignore  (especially after repeated attempts to stay out of the war like turning back a ship full of Jews trying to escape the Nazis which ended fatefully) there was a stream of events from the Korean War, to Vietnam to our engagement in the Middle East which have at times seemed excessive.

At some point, U.S. military action abroad and intervention stopped being about protecting our interests (because a massive murderous Islamic Caliphate is a problem, sarcasm) and it became about the U.S. being in everyone’s business outside the U.S. We stopped looking at protecting the U.S. and started trying to protect EVERYBODY while running their business and it’s just not possible. Even in times  of peace it seemed that  since World War II, some people in the U.S. policy world had taken on an attitude of excited involvement with the hope of making money, improving lives and actually actively looking for countries/situations to get involved in around the world. And that attitude is not sustainable – that policy stance is what has to go out the window.

There is a middle ground between isolationism and modern intervention where the U.S. can defend itself and interests. For example, pirates are real, if you want free trade someone has to defend the ships with the goods. And sometimes our own best interests involve military action. But what does this blogger know, she was just force fed the entire history of U.S. intervention in college.


Follies in Marketing

Marketing and culture post!

This is funny, a company wanted to promote their easy delivery services and made this graphic. Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

GrubhubThe graphic came to my attention because a friend had posted the picture on Facebook with the caption that “This makes me feel uncomfortable.” Can you guess why? Because the graphic has a picture of a naked man waiting at home for the deliveryman. That’s why.

This cute little Infographic which took some time and effort to make, has been completely ruined by the fact that a naked man is featured at the end of the graphic. It’s funny to LOOK at, but no one is going to be turned on to GrubHub if you get my drift from it. Except, well, yes, if you want to attract weird people to ordering from GrubHub. (Sarcasm) #graphicfail

Little errors like this for some reason tend to get by some graphics people, don’t ask me why, this blogger once worked at a job where as part of overseeing the newsletter she had to make sure some of the employees didn’t stick anything into the letter’s graphics that looked phallic. Yep. Unfortunately, some people in the office thought that was funny – it’s not funny – it’s bad for an organization’s image.

You’re probably thinking, but we’re talking about GrubHub due to this error, but what this post and others comments on the web have been about is the folly of this graphic.

But Do THEY Want Cybersecurity?

So, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and a bevy of other celebrities supposedly were hacked over the week-end and nude pictures were stolen. At least one Emma Watson, is supposedly not happy about the attention associated with the event. Click Here.  It’s debatable that in an industry where ALL attention and any attention will get you work – THAT any or all of these celebrities are upset about their nude pictures being stolen. But it’s safe to say a few were upset.

The problem is that so many celebrities have made careers off of having their naked images passed around.

The event is notable because every cybersecurity marketing person under the sun is trying to ride the event as an opportunity to talk about the importance of cybersecurity.

It’s just that at the same time, about a 100 celebrities management teams are trying to figure out how best to play up the event to get them more work. #crosspurposes.





50 Shades of Taupe??

It’s the weekly Summary. Have a nice week-end, no post on Monday.

To start according to the news – Americans are worried about the threat of ISIS, Russia is actually just invading the Ukraine now  and the economy is not doing so hot but what Americans are really concerned about is – ta dah!

That Taupe Suit

The President wore a taupe suit for the press conference yesterday in which the POTUS stated there is no strategy for dealing with ISIS. His statement on the lack of strategy which could have been a strategic move in and of itself because it’s not good to reveal our plans to ISIS plus a strangely Summery suit in taupe sent a lot of people over the edge.

Obama in TaupeOk, it wasn’t really over the edge, but people on the web have really dug into ripping on the suit and the lack of strategy comment. Click Here. It’s like the suit was a metaphor for the lack of strategy, er something. Er like maybe since some people don’t feel comfortable picking on the lack of strategy comment, everything is about the suit now.

Really, some guy at Esquire wrote a whole article on it. Click Here. 

Yes, this has been an unusually grueling summer of death and despair and violence and doubt and an overall sick feeling in the air that things will continue to get drastically worse before they get better, and yes, President Obama, your well-deserved vacation was fraught with peril, and no, we would never wish that on anyone, and yes, it is sort of hot out right now and there are a few days before Labor Day and maybe your regular suits all vanished in a mysterious dry cleaning incident but STILL…

You’re the President.

The Washington Post covered the Twitterpation. Click Here. 

It didn’t look quite right for some reason. This suit thing will never end.


Burger King?

The company announced this week that they are moving to Canada. Of course. They want better tax rates and options. We aren’t offering it so they are going somewhere else. It’s unfair to ask a company to stay when they can get a better deal somewhere else.

Charle Krauthammer broke it down.

Hello Kitty

Apparently the iconic character is not a cat, she’s a little girl, it was announced this week. And the mind of the world was blown. Click Here. 

Vanity Fair summarized:

Yes, Hello Kitty is a third-grade HUMAN girl who can NEVER PROGRESS PAST THIRD GRADE, and who has a mysterious twin sister, whom she may or may not have murdered (we are going to presume the twin’s name was Goodbye Kitty). And she lives, not in Japan, but in Britain. We don’t know about you, but we are leaving work right now in shock, horror, and protest. We would ask Hello Kitty for comment, but she doesn’t have a mouth.

IT would seem that the public will not accept this change.

The New Yorker said:

Hello Kitty is a cat, goddammit.

To read more, click here. 

Forget taupe suits, ISIS, Russia and Burger King – Hello Kitty has actually stolen the show this week for mind blowing announcements.

Labor Day

Labor Day, it is basically the end of Summer and for many requires a trip somewhere – unless you like staycations – ergo you will be here in town. Labor day (sigh) the end of Summer and the beginning of another cycle of cold EVENTUALLY, in like three months with a bunch of parties.

Have a good week-end. Be safe!





NO, This is ISIS! – The Meme

Every once in awhile something happens to make people smile during or in spite of a tragic event. Currently the terrorist group ISIS has reared it’s head in Syria and Iran to start their own caliphate state. They’ve taken over oil fields which are currently making them an estimated $2 million a day, have killed hundreds of people while raping women and marrying, for example, seven year old girls.

But if you, like me and other intellectuals, began to search for information on the group you probably were very quickly and overwhelmingly reminded of ancient history. Isis is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess. She was in fact the most popular, er one of the most popular ancient gods in Egypt and there was an entire cult devoted to her.

See, this is Isis.


Ancient art work with pictures of her has been recovered all over Egypt. In fact, the story of Isis can be creepy but somehow makes the fact that a terrorist group took her name all the more funny. She was considered a protector of the pharaohs primarily but also known as a symbol for life after death. Why? Well this is where the story of Isis gets creepy. She was the sister of Set, Osiris and Nepthys. To summarize, Osiris was the King of Egypt and married to his sister Isis. Set, the younger brother killed Osiris, cut his body into pieces and took the throne of Egypt. Isis used her magical powers to bring Osiris back to life long enough to have a child with Osiris- Horus who eventually grew up to challenge and kill Set. It was literally a legend for all time. You can read more here.

The cult of Isis was very popular in ancient Egypt and in fact made it’s way into the Greco-Roman empire after Ptolemy I took over Egypt and it was also adopted by the Romans. The famously insane Roman ruler, Caligula, ran his own cult of Isis and even dressed up as the goddess which is a weird fact. Isis imagery and threads run through the Roman myths of Artemis and Diana. In fact, some credit the imagery of the Mary and baby Jesus to the imagery of Isis and Horus. It’s debatable, but certainly arguable. And there is some Isis type imagery tied up in Freemason images as well.

Flash forward to the modern day, Isis is also a character in DC Comics. There was a tv show about Isis the super hero.

ISIS comparison joke.


A rock band today named Isis that has accidentally received trolling because of confusion over who they are vs. the terrorists. Click here.  And there is even a special brand of nursing bra named Isis as well as an app, yes an app, that will allow you to pay bills with your phone.

In fact there are so many things named after the goddess or related to her, that it’s really funny to see that  a group of men who hate freedom, women and life it appears were so ignorant they named themselves after her. One would have to be very very ignorant to not know that the name Isis was already TAKEN a thousand times over – thousands of years ago – in the Middle East of all places. It was a terrible idea in marketing that is absolute.

ISIS joke

As a result Isis memes have spread all over the internet because it’s just too funny. This blogger never agrees with the President, but maybe renaming them ISIL wasn’t a bad idea. Although, why would anyone want to help them remarket themselves??



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